2018 Border Folk Festival Lineup

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Jeremy Kittel Trio


Los Tres Reyes


Joe Baca – Special Guest Appearance

I grew up in Albuquerque, NM and started out my musical career like many U.S. children do, in the public school classroom. In middle school orchestra, playing violin, I learned how important fundamentals are to playing any instrument. I was then lucky enough to attend the only high school that had a Mariachi program at the time. I fell in love with armonía and picked up vihuela and guitarrón on the side.

After having excellent instructors and mentors through college, I moved to El Paso and joined Mariachi Los Arrieros. After 5 years of doing presentations all over the country and teaching music in the Socorro Independent School District, I was assigned to manage the mariachi education for El Dorado Feeder Pattern.

Right now, I’m part of Mariachi Cobre, which along with Steve Carrillo we collaborate doing presentations in Disney World’s EPCOT.

Mariachi Alegre

Based out of El Paso, Texas, Mariachi Alegre was established in 1994, and has quickly become one of the most popular mariachi groups in the region.  In its origins, the group consisted of high school and University of Texas at El Paso students.  It has now flourished to include a mix of professionals and university students, and it prides itself on its member composition which includes high school & middle school teachers, a medical laboratory scientist, a CPA, and even a postdoctoral biochemistry researcher!  Currently, the group is an eleven-piece ensemble whose repertoire spans from the traditional rancheras, boleros, danzones and huapangos,  to the not-so-traditional bluegrass, tangos and even El Paso-style oldies.  Through the years, Mariachi Alegre has gone on to perform at various venues, local gigs, and some out-of-state and country performances and competitions. The group hopes to not only influence musicians around its community, but also take its music to as many people possible around the southwest.

Mariachi Tapatio

Mariachi Tapatio was founded in 2006 in El Paso, Texas by a group of mariachi musicians with a common appreciation for the music of their culture. Their desire was to take stages near and far sharing their music while expressing technicality in their playing of the many styles of music which mariachi encompasses.

Mariachi Tapatio continues to be recognized by many and has had the honor of sharing the stage and accompanying many artists to include Maria Elena Leal (daughter of the late Lola Beltran), Rafael Palomar, Pedro Infante Jr., Cristian Castro, Lorenzo Mendez, Susie Garcia (Esa Guerita), Espinoza Paz, Jenni Rivera, Ezequiel Peña and most recently shared the stage with the great Juan Gabriel in Cd. Juarez.

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